Bre Ishurna
- Can use water from outside forces (Lakes, Rain, Rivers, ETC) to attack with high pressure forces.
- Can walk on water for a small bit of time, if she chooses to.
- Uses light to heal real slowly, like that of weak healing in Sonic Battle.
- If she builds up all of her light force and combine it with with most her Life Energy, she can revive people. However, she goes into a coma when done. It takes up from a few days to few months for her to wake up. Sometimes, it's the latter.
- Can slow down the molecules in the water she siphoned up to freeze it automatically. She can use Ice Spears at this point. If she makes the molecules speed up, she can either make it scalding water, or evaporate it.
- She can actually make a mental link with someone by meditating in water. She overheats real easy - and can actually die from it - if she is not submerged in water when using a mental link. The link time depends on the amount of water she is in. The slowest time being in the rain, the fastest time being submersed in cold water.
- Now to her sword. The Sapphire Stormwaker is deeply connected to her soul. It has the strength of a regular sword. If her sword breaks, she dies. If her sword is corrupted, she gets corrupted as well. If her sword is taken away, she loses her will to do anything.

Scream and Firestorm coming soon